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Learn more about Air Cleaning Blowers, LLC and the different applications our units can be used in. Blow clean air without the use of filter elements!

Air Cleaning Blowers LLC has created a new video outlining the uses and applications of the ACB.
Run your TEFC motors cleaner, cooler, drier, and longer even under harsh conditions by replacing the manufacturer’s fan with an Air Cleaning Blower™ Impeller Adapter. ACBs clean and blow air without using filter elements that clog and need maintenance.
This video demonstrates the filtering power of the Air Cleaning Blower.
Air Cleaning Blowers™ self-cleaning air filters blow and clean air in the world’s toughest conditions without filter elements to clog or maintain. Eliminating the clogging assures steady airflow, air pressure, and energy efficiency.
Air Cleaner Blowers, LLC has developed an air cleaning blower which is a device that moves air, blows it from one place to another, and simultaneously takes the dirt out of the air without any filter media whatsoever. As a result, there is no clogging and there’s no maintenance of the air filter elements at all and there is also a steady air flow, air pressure, and energy consumption, no matter how dirty and dusty the environment.