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Spot-Cleaning Air

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  • Air Cleaning BlowersTM (ACBs) offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for delivering clean air to limited-sized spaces within open areas or buildings with inadequate climate control, including temporary structures.
  • Whether in a mobile or stationary application, ACBs can be mounted on movable bases or installed with stationary supports to effectively remove dust and other particles from the air, providing clean air to people, equipment, and workstations. This ensures improved cleanliness and ventilation for both indoor and outdoor environments.
Clean controls in heavy dust
  • When used as spot blowers, ACBs function similarly to spot-cooler air conditioners, delivering clean air directly to a specific person or location. They can also be integrated with air conditioners to enhance their efficiency and prolong their lifespan by pre-cleaning the air before it enters the filter, reducing filter clogging.
  • ACBs operate by pulling dirty air into their housing, where centrifugal force separates dust and particles from the air. The separated debris is expelled back into its original location, while clean air is directed onto the targeted area, such as a workspace or equipment. Unlike filters, which can quickly clog and decrease efficiency, ACBs maintain consistent airflow and energy consumption without requiring frequent maintenance or repair.


Plant Floor: 

Keep dust off motors and other equipment, controls, personnel.

Electrical Enclosures: 

Provide clean air to the fans that cool VFDs, control boxes, control rooms, elevator controls, transformers.

Eating & Cooking Areas: 

Keep dust off food outdoors and indoors.

Construction Sites: 

Blow clean air onto workers sanding sheet rock or floors, doing demolition, sand blasting, and painting.

Maintenance Sites:

Blow clean air over work areas and equipment in hangars and other open areas.