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Offices/Government Buildings

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  • In office or government buildings, maintaining control over dust, particles, and germs is crucial, especially post-pandemic. Air Cleaning Blowers, LLC offers solutions like the Air Cleaning Blower™ and the Safety Halo®, which can effectively address these concerns, particularly in meeting LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards.
  • By controlling germs, improving ventilation, and minimizing maintenance, both products enhance cleanliness and safety in any office or building environment.
  • Installing a Safety Halo® from the ceiling above your desired location provides an effective layer of protection for employees and workstations. The Safety Halo® functions by drawing in dirty, germ-filled air, filtering it through a pre-filter to capture larger dust particles, and then passing it through a HEPA filter to eliminate germs and other contaminants. Clean air is then expelled from the bottom of the Safety Halo® to create a cone of purified air around the designated area. For more information on the Safety Halo®, click here.


  • Providing clean air for employees to breathe

  • Removing dusts, allergens and germs form the air

  • Reducing dust in the air that accumulates on computers and equipment


  • The Air Cleaning Blower™ (ACB) is an ideal solution for office environments. Specifically designed to eliminate dust, pollen, and other particles from the air without relying on clogging filters, the ACB ensures minimal maintenance. By pulling in dirty air and utilizing centrifugal force to separate particles, the ACB delivers clean air without the need for filter replacements. This innovative design provides efficient air purification without the hassle of filter maintenance or replacement.
  • Compared to traditional filters and air purifiers, the ACB offers several advantages. Unlike filter-based systems prone to clogging and costly maintenance, the ACB ensures consistent airflow, pressure, and energy consumption. With no filter media to clog or replace, it provides reliable performance for various applications without interruptions.
  • Additionally, the ACB’s capability to remove rain, mist, and snow from the air contributes to maintaining dryness, reducing the strain on air conditioning, refrigeration, or dehumidifying equipment. Since there’s no filter media to catch moisture, there’s no risk of obstruction due to wet or frozen components, ensuring uninterrupted airflow.