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How ACBs Work

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  • Air Cleaning BlowersTM represent a unique fusion of self-cleaning air and gas industrial filter-blowers. As ACBs draw ambient air through their housings, they leverage patented, innovative methods to harness the particles’ momentum for separation from clean air.
  • The impellers within serve dual roles: propelling air or gas through the blower housings and directing particles outward, where they are expelled through an opening, typically back into the atmosphere.
  • Air Cleaning BlowersTM offer a revolutionary solution for industrial air filtration. Without relying on filter media, cyclonic action, or valves prone to malfunction, our ACBs rarely clog or require maintenance.
  • They effectively remove particles of all sizes, from sand and dust to mist and rain, ensuring reliable performance for ventilation, pressurization, exhausting, and feed air applications.
  • With powerful blowers ensuring steady airflow, air pressure, and energy consumption, our self-contained units are both rugged and easy to install and transport. Experience the difference with Air Cleaning BlowersTM.


  • Experience the effortless maintenance of Air Cleaning BlowersTM (ACBs). Unlike traditional filters, ACBs operate without the need for compressed air, cleaning cycles, or complex valves. They’re truly self-cleaning, capable of running for extended periods, even in dusty and sandy conditions.
  • Moreover, ACBs function as true blowers, generating a net increase in pressure and airflow. Unlike conventional filtration systems that experience drops in pressure and airflow as debris accumulates, ACBs efficiently move air for pressurization, processes, ventilation, and purging purposes.
  • The result? ACBs provide two essential functions—moving and cleaning air—in one self-contained, easy-to-install (and relocate) unit.


  • Experience the unparalleled combination of blowing clean air with minimal maintenance—only Air Cleaning BlowersTM deliver both. With steady airflow, consistent air pressure, and constant energy consumption, our ACBs also reduce wear and tear on the motor, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • For specialized applications and additional functionalities, various models of Air Cleaning BlowerTM can heat the air, recover valuable dust particles lost during processing, remove odors and other gases, and even neutralize pathogens. They can also integrate seamlessly into other products, such as protective air canopies (Safety Halos®) for shielding workers from hazardous pathogens or fellow workers, air conditioners, and evaporative (“swamp”) coolers to streamline maintenance efforts.
  • Why did we develop Air Cleaning BlowersTM? Because few people want to collect and dispose of debris extracted from the air—they simply want clean air.