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Convention Centers/Arenas

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  • In large gathering areas like convention centers and arenas, maintaining control over dust, airborne particles, and germs is crucial, especially in light of heightened concerns post-pandemic. Air Cleaning Blowers, LLC offers solutions like the Air Cleaning BlowerTM and the Safety Halo®, both invaluable in this context. These products effectively control germs, ventilate spaces, and reduce the need for maintenance, ensuring cleaner and safer environments in offices and office buildings alike.
  • Installing a Safety Halo® above key areas like ticket booths and concession stands provides an effective layer of protection for employees. The Safety Halo® works by drawing in dirty, germ-filled air, passing it through a pre-filter to remove larger dust particles, and then through a HEPA filter to clean out germs and other contaminants. Clean air is then emitted from the bottom of the Safety Halo®, creating a cone of clean air around the designated location. For more information on the Safety Halo®, click here.


  • Pre-filter for large HVAC system
  • Ventilate large gathering places
  • Provide clean air for convention centers/arenas


  • The Air Cleaning BlowerTM (ACB) offers a practical solution for arenas dealing with large spaces and airborne contaminants. Specifically designed for dusty environments, the ACB effectively removes dust, pollen, and particles without the hassle of frequent filter maintenance.
  • By pulling in dirty air and utilizing centrifugal force to separate particles, the ACB ensures clean air is emitted to your desired location. With its innovative design, the ACB eliminates the need for filter replacement or maintenance, making it an efficient choice for arena ventilation systems.


  • Traditional filters and air purifiers often clog quickly, leading to decreased fan effectiveness, increased energy consumption, and constant maintenance needs. In contrast, the ACB’s innovative design eliminates the need for filter maintenance, ensuring constant airflow and energy efficiency for various applications.
    • Additionally, ACBs can effectively remove rain, mist, and snow from the air, reducing the load on air conditioning and refrigeration systems without the risk of filter media becoming wet or frozen.
  • Independently tested at a nationally-recognized laboratory, ACBs have been proven to remove over 98% of dust and particles from the air, including particles as small as 0.3 microns. Originally developed for harsh industrial environments, ACBs are versatile solutions suitable for arenas, stadiums, and large gathering places. Their effectiveness is demonstrated by their use by the US Military in the Middle East, even in challenging conditions like sandstorms.