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Clean Rooms

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  • In clean room environments, maintaining particle-free air is crucial, often necessitating continuous pressurization and costly filter replacements. The Air Cleaning Blower™ (ACB) provides a solution tailored for such environments.
  • Specifically engineered to remove dust, pollen, and particles without relying on clogging filters, the ACB minimizes maintenance expenses. By effectively eliminating airborne particles without traditional filter elements, it ensures a constant supply of clean air to your application, making it ideal for clean rooms and corrosive environments.
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  • Pre-cleaning air entering expansive downstream filters

  • Pressurization for Clean Rooms

  • Remove rain, mist and snow from air to keep downstream filters dry and prevent their freezing up

  • Providing more consistent airflow, air pressure and energy consumption by eliminating the clogging of other types of pre-filters

  • Eliminating the need for separate fans and filters by combining both functions into one compact unit



  • The Air Cleaning Blower™ (ACB) operates by drawing in dirty air and utilizing a patented impeller to separate dust and particles from the air without the need for filter elements. Debris is ejected back into the environment, preventing escape, while clean air is expelled on the other side for desired applications.
  • In contrast to traditional filter-based systems prone to clogging and maintenance issues, the ACB ensures consistent airflow and energy consumption. With no filter media to clog or replace, it provides reliable performance for various applications, including ventilation, pressurization, and equipment feeding. Additionally, the ACB can effectively supply clean air to evaporative coolers.


  • An internationally recognized filter-testing laboratory conducted independent tests on ACBs to establish their effectiveness. Results showed they remove over 98% of airborne dust and particles, including virtually all particles larger than 10 microns and about 40% of those down to 3 microns. This level of effectiveness surpasses many air-conditioning systems, providing substantial savings in maintenance costs for clean room operators.
  • Our current models can significantly reduce maintenance labor and material costs by prefiltering air for downstream HEPA and ULPA filter elements, extending their lifespan. ACBs can also replace separate blower systems by efficiently moving, pressurizing, and cleaning the air.
  • We are also developing ACBs that will consistently remove particles below one micron in size, further reducing clean room operation costs.