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Tanks and Vehicles

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ACBs in Tanks and Vehicles

  • Operating military vehicles like tanks, trucks, or personnel carriers, in dusty environments poses unavoidable challenges, as dust and airborne particles can harm operators. Controlling these contaminants is crucial for vehicle safety and effectiveness. Yet, ensuring a constant supply of clean air remains challenging, particularly in desert conditions.
  • The Air Cleaning BlowerTM (ACB) was developed to remove dust, pollen, and other particles from the air in harsh environments without needing filter maintenance. It pulls dirty air into its housing, where specially designed impellers separate contaminants, ejecting them back into the atmosphere. This process continues without the need for filter elements, reducing clogging and maintenance. Unlike media filters, ACBs don’t impede airflow or increase power consumption, making them ideal for predictable air-system performance and optimal system design.
  • ACBs are rugged, lightweight, and easily transportable, making them ideal for military deployments. They can be integrated into civilian air conditioners, reducing maintenance needs. Designed to run on various types of electricity, including vehicle DC power, they enhance comfort and health in expeditionary settings.


  • Removing dust and particles from the air to keep equipment clean

  • Keeping mist and humidity out of the air for the machinery operator

  • Remove dust and particles form the air for the operator to breathe more easily

  • Eliminating the need for replacement filters in hard to access locations

Pressurizing and Dust/Sand Removal

  • ACBs not only remove rain, mist, and snow from the air, keeping it dry and reducing the strain on HVAC systems, but they also pressurize vehicle spaces to prevent dust and sand ingress. This increased air circulation helps lower pathogen concentration. Plus, since they don’t collect debris, ACBs avoid dangerous hot spots in filters, even in CBRNE environments. They can be adapted for use with various explosive or flammable materials, making them versatile in hazardous conditions.

Laboratory Testing

  • Our ACBs have undergone rigorous testing at an internationally-recognized filter-testing laboratory, demonstrating their effectiveness. Standard models remove over 98% of dust and particles, including those as small as 3 microns. Even sub-micron contaminants are efficiently addressed in models under development.
  • This ensures optimal air quality, keeping bugs and dust out of vehicles, even in challenging environments like the jungle. Originally designed for harsh settings like steel mills and mines, our Air Cleaning BlowerTM is now deployed by the US Military in sandstorm-prone areas, proving its versatility and effectiveness across various applications and locations.