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Ticket Booth/Toll Booth/Information Booth

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  • Information, ticket, and token booths are frequented by many people who often touch, lean on, and speak into them, increasing the risk of germ transmission. While some booths have covered windows with small openings for ticket and money exchange, there remains ample space for germs and contaminants to pass through.
  • Toll booths present similar challenges, with trucks emitting exhaust particles as they stop and accelerate, exposing employees to harmful pollutants. Additionally, drivers opening their windows to pay could release cigarette smoke, Covid-19 viruses, or other germs into the booth environment.
  • Installing a Safety Canopy from the ceiling above passengers and staff provides passive personal protection, ensuring safety without requiring voluntary actions. The canopy operates by drawing in dirty, germ-filled air to filter it using its Air-Cleaning Blower™ (ACB), which separates out dust particles, respiratory droplets, and other debris before ejecting them.
two ticket toll booth attendants directing a truck to pass wearing face masks clean air needed
  • Cleaned air passes through an optional HEPA filter element for additional germ and particulate removal if needed. Finally, the Air-Cleaning Blower™ releases the purified air gently from the bottom of the canopy, creating a protective cone of clean air around individuals.
  • The surrounding cone of HEPA-filtered air provides an effective layer of protection for the attendant and the public. Gently pressurized to flow outward as it descends, this cone blocks incoming air exhaled by others towards the attendant. It also captures many respirated particles, carrying them away from the attendant’s face.
  • Moreover, every germ removed from the booth or enclosure atmosphere by the Safety Canopy contributes to reducing the concentration of germs, dust, and other contaminants throughout the entire space, similar to a room air purifier.


  • Air Cleaning Blowers, LLC offers industrial and military-grade Air Cleaning Blowers™ (ACB) to reduce maintenance and operating costs. These ACBs clean and blow air without relying on filter media, effectively removing dust, pollen, respiratory droplets, mist, rain, and numerous other particles.
  • As a result, they eliminate the need for maintaining filter cartridges, sheets, or other filter media. Moreover, if the system includes a post-filter like a HEPA element, the ACB significantly extends its lifespan by removing large debris that would otherwise quickly clog it. By utilizing ACBs instead of pre-filter media in Safety Canopies, the clogging issue is eliminated, ensuring continuous and efficient operation.
  • The absence of clogging in Air-Cleaning Blowers™ ensures architects and designers a consistent and predictable airflow, air pressure, and energy consumption.
  • In scenarios where full protection from Protective Canopies isn’t required, simply installing an Air-Cleaning Blower™ to clean and circulate air within completely or partially enclosed spaces can effectively reduce the concentration of respiratory droplets and aerosols, thereby decreasing the potential of airborne bacteria/virus transmission between individuals waiting in an common area together.