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Powell Testimonial: Optimal Air Quality for their Control Rooms

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Learn firsthand how Powell incorporates our Air Cleaning Blowers within their control rooms. Discover the perspectives shared by Powell regarding the effective implementation of our units.


What Powell’s Lead Electrical Engineer has to say about our Air Cleaning Blowers:

“Powell utilizes these blowers in our Power Control Rooms (PCR®) when our customers require us to provide the enclosure with a slight positive pressure. The ACB blower’s unique design such that it does require filter replacement, yet is still able to filter out particles down to the 10 micron level, very nicely fit a specific need for Powell. At this point, at this point, Powell has been able to successfully integrate ACB’s in our PCR’s to satisfy multiple customers over the last couple of years.

I would be remiss if I did not also thank you and your fellow employees for the exceptional service that was provided in both helping Powell understand your product, and assisting us with adapting the ACB product into our PCR.”

To see how your control room can experience the same results as Powell Electrical Systems contact us.

Read the entire statement from Lead Electrical Engineer at Powell, Neil Belscher :
Powell Industries

Powell Industries Inc (Powell) is an electric equipment manufacturing company. It designs, develops, and manufactures custom-engineered products and systems that distribute, control, and monitor the flow of electrical energy. The company offers utility switches, metal-clad switchgear, metal-enclosed switchgear, motor control, control and monitoring systems and bus ducts among others. It also provides services such as spare parts, field service inspection, installation, commissioning, project management, modification and repair, and replacement of circuit breakers. The company caters to various industries such as petrochemicals, terminals, oil and gas, pulp and paper mills, mining and metals, and electric utilities.

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