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Control Rooms and Buildings

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  • In control rooms or clean rooms, airborne dust and particles are unavoidable challenges. Opening doors or windows for ventilation can introduce unwanted contaminants, posing a risk to equipment and operations. Effective dust control is essential for maintaining clean environments.
  • The Air-Cleaning Blower™ (ACB) offers a solution by efficiently removing dust and particles from the air, ensuring clean and safe conditions. Its design allows for the constant delivery of clean air, addressing the challenge of maintaining clean air availability consistently.
control room clean air


  • Air Cleaning Blowers operate by pulling dirty air into their housings like conventional fans. The impeller and housing are engineered to leverage the momentum of contaminants, separating them from the air and ejecting them back into the atmosphere. Clean air continues toward the intended application for ventilation or pressurization. ACBs achieve this without the need for filter elements or media maintenance.
  • Unlike media filters that collect contaminants, eventually clogging and requiring replacement, ACBs avoid this issue by not trapping debris. Consequently, they do not clog, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance and minimizing deferred maintenance. Moreover, ACBs ensure consistent airflow, air pressure, and power consumption, simplifying system design and optimization for better performance.


  • Removing dust and particles from the air to keep equipment clean

  • Keeping mist and humidity out of the control rooms for the safety of the equipment

  • Clean controls in heavy dust

  • Pre-filter the air for HVAC systems to last longer

  • Pressurizing control and electrical enclosures

  • Originally designed for challenging environments like steel mills, mining operations, and fertilizer plants, the Air Cleaning Blower™ (ACB) is adaptable to various control rooms or buildings.
  • Its effectiveness is evidenced by its current usage by the US Military in the Middle East, where it ensures cooling for air conditioners even during sandstorms.