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  • In educational settings like schools and daycares, maintaining cleanliness and minimizing germs is crucial, especially in the wake of the pandemic. Air Cleaning Blowers, LLC offers solutions like the Air Cleaning Blower™ and Safety Halo®, designed to control germs, improve ventilation, and enhance air quality. These products provide a cleaner and safer environment, addressing ongoing concerns about hygiene and health in schools.
  • By installing a Safety Halo® from the ceiling above your desired location, you can provide an effective layer of protection around the teachers or students.  The Safety Halo® works by pulling the dirty germ-filled air into its housing to filter it.  There it has a pre-filter at the point of entry that extracts larger dust particles that are in the air.  The air then flows through a HEPA filter element to clean out the germs and other tiny contaminants.  After passing through the HEPA filter, the air then blows out of the bottom of the Safety Halo® to create a cone of clean air around the student, teacher or work area. For more information on the Safety Halo® please click here.
  • The Air Cleaning BlowerTM (ACB) is another helpful option for schools as well. The ACB was developed specifically to remove dust, pollen and other particles from the air in dusty environments while eliminating the need for constant maintenance due to clogging filters. After removing most kinds of dusts and particles in the air, without using any filter elements or media, the ACBs blows out clean air to your application.


How Air Cleaning Blowers Work

  • The Air Cleaning BlowerTM (ACB) offers a practical solution for hotels by effectively removing dust, pollen, and other particles from the air without the need for frequent filter maintenance. Unlike traditional filters prone to clogging and costly upkeep, the ACB operates without filter elements or media, ensuring constant airflow and steady energy consumption. By pulling in dirty air and utilizing centrifugal force to separate particles, the ACB emits clean air to desired locations, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment in hotels.
  • Additionally, ACBs excel at removing rain, mist, and snow from the air, contributing to drier air and reducing the strain on air conditioning, refrigeration, or dehumidifying equipment. Without filter media to catch precipitation, there’s no risk of components becoming wet or frozen, ensuring uninterrupted airflow.
  • Independently tested at a nationally-recognized filter-testing laboratory, ACBs have been proven to remove up to 98% of dust and particles from the air, including particles as small as 0.3 microns. Originally designed for harsh environments like steel, mining, and fertilizer plants, ACBs are versatile solutions suitable for any hotel operation. Their effectiveness is demonstrated by their use by the US Military in challenging conditions, such as sandstorms, ensuring continuous cooling of air conditioners even in extreme environments.