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About Us

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Air Cleaning Blowers, LLC, designs and manufactures units to create truly sustainable clean air under all environmental conditions with no filter element. We value our relationship with our clients and ensure we take time to study their needs & requirements.

Air Cleaning Blowers, LLC, was founded in New York City’s Brooklyn Navy Yard in 2017 by the owner of Aero Conditioner Company, LLC, Edward Roston.  Having been in the air conditioning and ventilation business for more than 20 years, Roston found that there was a need for self-cleaning air filtering blowers that could withstand the harshest of industrial and military environments.



After many prototypes and extensive testing, Air Cleaning Blowers, LLC was able to patent the first Air-Cleaning BlowerTM (ACB) as a device that moves and cleans air without the use of any filter media.  Instead of blocking and collecting the debris with filter elements, ACBs use the momentum of the particles in novel ways to separate them from the air and, unlike cyclonic filters, eject them directly.  The benefit from using an ACB is that they blow and clean air without any filter cartridges, sheets, or bags to clog, buy, store, replace or dispose.  Since debris does not accumulate in the units, you can count on steady airflow, air pressure and power consumption.

No filter elements means no filter maintenance! —and, therefore, no deferred maintenance either. 


Used worldwide by manufacturers, mines, and military particularly under harsh conditions, ACBs self-cleaning air filters are becoming a big part of the future of air moving and cleaning.  Today, Air Cleaning Blowers, LLC has three patents on ACB technology and is working on more for the near future.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Air Cleaning Blowers, LLC has been working in conjunction with NIOSH [ National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health] on developing a protective Safety Canopy to help protect those in close contact with the public such as cashiers, bank tellers and pharmacists.