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Library Books Tall Ceiling
  • In libraries and museums, maintaining control over dust, stray particles, and germs is crucial, especially for preserving antique items. With heightened concerns about germs post-pandemic, these locations remain focal points for safety and cleanliness. Air Cleaning Blowers, LLC offers solutions like the Air Cleaning Blower™ and the Protective Canopy, which are designed to address these challenges effectively.
  • By controlling germs, ventilating spaces, and minimizing maintenance, these products significantly enhance the cleanliness and safety of library and museum environments. Additionally, the Air Cleaning Blower™ contributes to sustainability efforts, being recognized as a green air filter.

Green Air Filters for Libraries/Museums

  • Installing a Protective Canopy, along with the sustainable Air Cleaning Blower™ (ACB), suspended from the ceiling above your desired area, offers a reliable layer of protection for books, artifacts, customers, or employees. The Protective Canopy functions by drawing in dirty, germ-filled air, filtering it through a pre-filter to capture larger dust particles, and then passing it through a HEPA filter to eliminate germs and other microscopic contaminants. Clean air is then expelled from the bottom of the canopy, creating a cone of purified air around the designated space. For further details on the Protective Canopy, click here.
  • The Air Cleaning BlowerTM (ACB) is another helpful option for libraries and museums as well. The ACB was developed specifically to remove dust, pollen and other particles from the air in dusty environments while eliminating the need for constant maintenance due to clogging filters. After removing most kinds of dusts and particles in the air, without using any filter elements or media, the ACBs blows out clean air to your application. Because the ACB has no filter media inside of it, we can call it a truly sustainable air filter.


  • Preventing mist and humidity from damaging books and artifacts

  • Removing dust from the air that will settle on books and artifacts

  • Pre-cleaning the air for HVAC systems


  • The Air Cleaning BlowerTM operates by drawing in contaminated air like a standard fan. Inside, its patented blower wheel utilizes centrifugal force to efficiently separate dust and particles from the air. Debris is then expelled through a chute, preventing filter hot spots. The cleaned air is then released into the clean room without the need for filter replacements or maintenance, ensuring a continuous supply of clean air.
  • Unlike traditional filters and air purifiers that rely on filter elements prone to quick and costly clogging, the ACB offers a hassle-free solution. With no filter media to clog, replace, or maintain, the ACB ensures consistent airflow, pressure, and energy consumption. This results in reliable performance for ventilating, pressurizing, or supplying air to compressors and other equipment without the need for frequent maintenance or repairs.
  • Another key feature is that can be especially helpful for libraries and museums is that the ACBs can remove rain, mist and snow from the air, helping the air stay dryer and reducing the load on any air conditioning, refrigeration or dehumidifying equipment. In addition, because there is no filter media catching that rain or snow there is nothing that will become wet or freeze up and prevent the air from passing through. Protecting books, magazines and artifacts from humidity is crucial as well.

Laboratory Testing

  • Our ACBs underwent rigorous independent testing at a nationally recognized filter-testing laboratory, demonstrating their outstanding effectiveness. Results showed they can remove over 98% of airborne dust and particles, with virtually all particles larger than 10 microns and nearly half of those down to 0.3 microns being eliminated. This level of efficacy ensures prolonged protection against dust accumulation, reducing the risk of overheating in motors or electric boxes.
  • Originally designed for harsh industrial environments like steel, mining, and fertilizer plants, the Air Cleaning Blower™ is versatile and suitable for various laboratory settings. In fact, our ACBs are trusted by the US Military in the Middle East to maintain air conditioning functionality, even during sandstorms, showcasing their exceptional performance and reliability.