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Grain Processors/ Storage Silos / Elevators

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  • When processing grain, loading or unloading storage silos or grain elevators, dust and pollen are inescapable problems. Clogged air conditioners and dusty control rooms and offices are frequent problems  Some activities cause more dust than others, but more often than not controlling that silo elevator dust and chaff is a key need of any grain-management operation.
  • The Air Cleaning BlowerTM (ACB) was developed specifically to remove dust, pollen and other particles from the air in dusty environments while eliminating the need for constant maintenance due to clogging filters.  After removing most kinds of farm and grain processing dusts, without using any filter elements or media, the ACBs blows out clean air to your application. 


  • Ventilating and pressurizing store rooms, equipment and motor rooms, and loading areas

  • Controlling and recapturing escaping particles when filling silos, trucks and elevators

  • Keeping motors and other electrical equipment ventilated and clean

  • Ventilating and pressurizing offices and reception areas

  • Recapturing silo elevator dust

  • Providing clean feed air to engines and air compressors

  • Ventilating and keeping pollen and dust out of other buildings

  • Controlling the dust caused by sorting potatoes and other vegetables

  • Providing clean air for heat-exchangers, cooling towers, air-cooled condensers and evaporative (swamp) coolers to minimize clogging and maintenance


  • Air Cleaning BlowersTM (ACBs) operate by drawing dirty air into their housings, similar to conventional fans or blowers. Inside, a patented blower wheel uses centrifugal force in a unique way to effectively separate dust and other particles from the air. The ACBs then eject the debris, directing it back into the environment, such as outdoors or into a conveyor loading a silo. Meanwhile, the cleaned air is released wherever needed. Remarkably, ACBs achieve all this without the need for filter elements or media that require replacement or maintenance, saving on labor and costs.
  • In contrast, other filters and air purifiers relying on filter elements, including self-cleaning devices, often suffer from rapid and costly clogging. This not only reduces fan effectiveness but also increases energy consumption and necessitates frequent maintenance and repair. ACBs, however, avoid such issues due to their lack of filter media, ensuring consistent airflow, air pressure, and steady energy consumption for various applications, including ventilation, pressurization, or feeding air compressors. Additionally, ACBs can extend the lifespan of evaporative coolers by blowing clean air, thereby keeping their media cleaner for longer periods. Unlike cyclonic systems, ACBs do not rotate contaminants and are free from valves that may clog.
  • Another noteworthy feature of ACBs, particularly beneficial to farmers, is their ability to remove rain, mist, and snow from the air. This helps keep the air dryer and reduces the workload on air conditioning, refrigeration, or dehumidifying equipment. Moreover, since ACBs lack filter media to catch rain or snow, there’s no risk of components becoming wet or frozen, ensuring uninterrupted airflow.
  • Originally designed for use in demanding environments like steel mills, mining operations, and fertilizer plants, the Air Cleaning BlowerTM is versatile and adaptable to various farm and grain processing plant settings. Our ACBs are highly effective and have been deployed by the US Military in the Middle East to ensure air conditioners remain operational even during sandstorms.