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Pre-Cleaning Air

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Pre-cleaning air for more demanding or specialized downstream filters to increase their working lives and reduce the costs of their maintenance is a common application for filters and filter-blower combinations.  Pre-cleaning air for applications such as feeding engines is also common.  Light-weight filters suffice in many of these applications such as many home heating systems or automobiles.

However, when the demands become more extreme such as keeping the cooling system clean in a bakery or feeding air to the engine of a military tank, these inexpensive solutions become expensive, especially when pre-cleaning air.  Maintenance becomes frequent, the filter media requires replacement so often that it too becomes costly, and the downtime during maintenance or caused by the failures of the filters sometimes becomes the costliest problem of all.


The Air Cleaning BlowerTM (ACB) was developed specifically to remove dust, pollen and other particles from the air in dusty and harsh environments while eliminating the need for filter maintenance due to clogging filters.  After removing most kinds of benign and hazardous dusts, without using any filter elements or media, the ACBs blow clean air to your offices, selling floor, equipment, electrical enclosures or eating facility.

Industrial-Filter-BlowersThe Air Cleaning Blowers work by pulling that dirty air into their housings like any other fans would.  The impeller and housing are specially designed to use the momentum of the contaminants to separate them from the air (or almost any other gas) and fling them toward the outside of the housing and eject them, most commonly back into the atmosphere from where they came.  The clean air continues toward the application such as ventilation or pressurization.  ACBs accomplish all this without any type of filter elements, sheets, cartridges, bags or other media to maintain.

Media filters remove contaminants from air and other gases by stopping and collecting them.  As a result, they all clog and need maintenance and, sooner or later, replacement.  In addition, as they clog, media filters and air purifiers increasingly impede the flow of air.  When they do, the blower has to work harder and consume more electricity or other power to maintain the same airflow and air pressure at the application.  In contrast, because they do not trap debris, ACBs do not clog.  Without clogging, the filter maintenance is almost eliminated, and, consequently, so is deferred maintenance.

Pre-cleaners based on other filtration processes—cyclones, spin blocks, baffles, electrostatic precipitators—all need more maintenance than ACBs and/or they cause large pressure losses in the air going through them that forces them to consume more power than ACBs to do the same amount of work.

Perhaps more important, particularly to designers of the systems, when ACBs supply the air moving and air cleaning, they eliminate the fluctuations in airflow, air pressure and power consumption, which makes it much easier to predict and calculate the air-systems’ performances, and therefore, to design optimal systems.

Working as a pre-filter, the ACBs can pre-clean air by replacing the blowers and the filter media with a single integrated unit.  Since ACBs are blowers, the separate air-moving units are frequently unnecessary in new systems and removable in existing systems.  The filtering/air-cleaning function of the ACBs, accomplishes the same purposes as other prefilters, but with less maintenance, training, and need for replacement parts or, often-complicated, controls.

Our ACBs were tested independently at an internationally-recognized filter-testing laboratory to establish their effectiveness.  The testing found that they remove up to 98%+ of the mass of dust and other particles from the air.  The laboratory results show that they remove virtually all particles larger than 10 microns and about 40% of the particles down to 3 microns from the air.  The smallest particles most people can see are about 50 microns.

Originally developed to work in harsh environments such as steel, mining and fertilizer plants, the Air Cleaning BlowerTM can help no matter what kind of pre-cleaning you need or where.  Our ACBs are so effective that they are being used today by the US Military in the Middle East to keep air conditioners cooling, even in sandstorms.



Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Government Building, Convention Centers, Indoor Arenas and Office Buildings

Industrial plants

Plants with Clean Rooms, Laboratories, Kitchens, Odors or Volatile Gases to Remove

Commercial buildings

Pre-clean Air for HVAC systems and UV Sterilizers


Engine and Cabin Air in Harvesting and Other Equipment

Clean rooms

Pre-clean air for downstream HEPA or ULPA filters to enable them to last longer, generally while replacing the blowers in the system.

Evaporative (Swamp) Coolers

To blow clean air through the wet medium to move the air and to keep the medium clean, even under harsh conditions.

Data centers

In most cases, ACBs will clean the air sufficiently without downstream filters, but if chemicals or other contaminants must be removed, the ACBs will keep those specialized clean longer to reduce maintenance and replacement costs.