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Pre-Cleaning Air

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Why Is It Necessary?

  • Pre-cleaning air to extend the working lives of downstream filters and reduce maintenance costs is a common application for filter and filter-blower combinations. This approach is also utilized in applications like engine feeding. Lightweight filters suffice for many applications, such as home heating systems or automobiles.
  • However, in more demanding scenarios, such as maintaining a clean cooling system in a bakery or supplying air to a military tank engine, these inexpensive solutions become costly. Maintenance becomes frequent, filter media replacement adds up in cost, and downtime during maintenance or filter failures becomes a significant expense.


  • The Air Cleaning BlowerTM (ACB) is designed to efficiently clear dust, pollen, and other airborne particles from harsh environments. Unlike conventional filters, ACBs avoid maintenance issues caused by clogging. By circulating clean air without relying on filter elements or media, ACBs create a fresh atmosphere in offices, sales floors, equipment areas, electrical enclosures, and dining facilities.


  • Air Cleaning Blowers (ACBs) efficiently operate by pulling dirty air into their specially designed housings, where contaminants are separated and ejected back into the atmosphere. This process ensures continuous clean airflow for ventilation or pressurization, without the need for maintenance-heavy filter elements or media.
  • Unlike media filters prone to clogging, ACBs maintain consistent airflow without impeding performance or requiring frequent maintenance. Other pre-cleaners like cyclones or electrostatic precipitators often demand more upkeep and lead to higher power consumption.
  • By eliminating airflow fluctuations, ACBs simplify system design, offering optimal performance for designers. Additionally, ACBs can function as pre-filters, integrating air-moving and filtering functions into a single unit, reducing maintenance, training, and complexity in controls.



Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Government Building, Convention Centers, Indoor Arenas and Office Buildings

Industrial plants

Plants with Clean Rooms, Laboratories, Kitchens, Odors or Volatile Gases to Remove

Commercial buildings

Pre-clean Air for HVAC systems and UV Sterilizers


Engine and Cabin Air in Harvesting and Other Equipment

Clean rooms

Pre-clean air for downstream HEPA or ULPA filters to enable them to last longer, generally while replacing the blowers in the system.

Evaporative (Swamp) Coolers

To blow clean air through the wet medium to move the air and to keep the medium clean, even under harsh conditions.

Data centers

ACBs typically clean air effectively without downstream filters. However, if specialized removal of chemicals or contaminants is necessary, ACBs can extend the lifespan of those filters, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.