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ACB's & Ventilation

  • In many applications, especially during cooler seasons, ventilation alone is sufficient to adequately cool equipment and people. However, ensuring clean air is essential, and where cleanliness is lacking, ACBs provide superior filtration with consistent airflow, pressure, and energy consumption. Compared to systems using media filters, ACBs require less maintenance while delivering more reliable performance.
  • ACBs are versatile enough to meet ventilation needs across a wide range of applications. From a single computer in a dusty warehouse or foundry to the main control room in the same facility, ACBs can effectively handle ventilation requirements, ensuring optimal conditions for both equipment and personnel.


Offices & Laboratories Associated with Dusty Facilities – Mines, Foundries, Grain Processors, Storage Silos & Gravel Pits

Control Rooms and Pulpits – Oil Refineries, Petro-chemical Plants, Steel, Aluminum and Other Metal-processing Plants

Motor-control Centers & Other Electrical Enclosures – Bulk-product Processing Equipment and Salt Mines

Motor & Other Types of Equipment Rooms – gypsum and cement plants, mines, hospitals, pumping stations, schools, factories

Data Centers & Computer Rooms – Large to small operations, mobile, emergency backup systems, “free cooling” with outdoor air and by blowing clean air through evaporative coolers.

Clean Rooms – Stand-alone systems supplying pressurization with clean air for facilities with less-demanding standards, pressurization and pre-filtration for more demanding facilities.