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Rapid Response and Field Medical

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  • In emergency situations, maintaining clean air becomes critical for health and safety, especially in environments with CBRNE particles. Air Cleaning BlowersTM (ACBs) offer a solution, providing clean air for medical operations, maintenance, and minimal comfort under challenging conditions.
  • These rugged, lightweight, and self-contained units can be easily transported, mounted, and operated by one person, making them ideal for rapid-response activities by troops or first responders. Designed to run on various types of electricity, including direct current from vehicles, ACBs ensure clean air delivery wherever needed.
  • Developed to remove dust, pollen, flying bugs, and even CBRNE particles from the air without the need for filter maintenance, ACBs offer a reliable solution for emergency medical facilities, tents, vehicles, and modular buildings.


  • Removing dust and particles from the air to keep people and equipment clean

  • Keeping mist and humidity out of the air

  • Make emergency vehicles safer by removing CBRNE particles and other particles without collecting them in hot spots

  • Remove dust and particles form the air for military personnel to breathe more easily

  • Keep patients cleaner in front-line medical facilities

  • Eliminating the need for replacement filters in-hard-to-supply locations

  • Reducing the size and weight of filtration systems

  • Incorporating them into ECUs (environmental control units)

  • Keeping flying insects out while ventilating, particularly in temporary structures where ECUs are not an option

  • Ventilating medical and munitions-storage and other enclosures with clean air


  • ACBs offer additional benefits beyond air cleaning, including the ability to pressurize spaces to prevent dust and sand ingress. This pressurization not only safeguards electronics and equipment during repairs but also helps maintain a clean environment for medical procedures. Unlike traditional filters, ACBs do not accumulate debris, eliminating the risk of dangerous hot spots in the presence of CBRNE particles.
  • Additionally, these units can be customized to provide cooling for individuals or equipment as needed. Furthermore, all ACBs can be adapted for use with explosive or flammable substances, meeting safety standards for various hazardous environments.
  • Originally designed for challenging environments like steel mills, mining operations, and fertilizer plants, the Air Cleaning BlowerTM is versatile enough to support various structures and emergency situations.
  • Our ACBs have proven their effectiveness, even in demanding conditions, as demonstrated by their deployment by the US Military in the Middle East. They ensure air conditioners continue to function efficiently, even amidst sandstorms, providing reliable cooling solutions.