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How ACBs Help Keep Motors Clean

Air Cleaning Blowers Keep TEFC Motors Clean— and can do the same for open motors, too!
  • Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled (TEFC) motors feature built-in fans designed to blow air along their sides for cooling purposes. However, these fans draw in surrounding air, which can be contaminated in dirty environments.
  • Consequently, the fans may coat the motors with particles, and in some cases, blow rain onto them, exacerbating the adhesion of sand and other contaminants or leading to corrosion.

Combating the accumulation of grime on motor cooling fins, which can lead to heat transfer issues and potential motor damage, now has a hassle-free solution:

Introducing ACB Impeller Adaptors by Air Cleaning Blowers, LLC. These innovative adaptors replace conventional impellers in motors with patented Air Cleaning Blowers™ (ACBs).

  • Unlike traditional methods, ACBs clean cooling air without the need for filter media, ensuring optimal performance with minimal maintenance.
  • Download our chart to figure out what Ratio of Feed Air Entering Compressor vs. High-Pressure Air out of Compressor you need! Download Chart – Ratio of Feed Air Entering vs Air Out of Compressor
  • Moreover, ACB Impeller Adaptors can improve cooling efficiency by circulating clean air through the motors, directly cooling windings and enhancing overall functionality. With these adaptors, the lifespan and reliability of open and drip-proof motors are extended, providing a reliable solution for mitigating grit and corrosion buildup.