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Trucks, Excavators and Draglines

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  • In mining or tunneling operations, dust and particles in the air pose significant challenges for operators and equipment. Opening doors or windows for ventilation risks introducing harmful contaminants, potentially causing damage to both operators and machinery. Controlling dust is essential for safe and efficient heavy machinery operations.
  • The Air Cleaning Blower™ (ACB) offers a solution by effectively removing dust and particles from the air in harsh environments without the need for filter maintenance. By utilizing innovative technology, ACBs ensure clean air is delivered precisely where it’s needed, whether in operator cabins, engine compartments, or electrical control areas.
mine clean air inexpensive


  • Removing dust and particles from the air to keep equipment clean

  • Removing mist, rain and snow out of the air for the machinery operator

  • Remove dust and particles form the air for the operator to breathe more easily

  • Keeping heat exchangers, evaporative coolers, and air conditioners functioning under dusty conditions

  • Clean air canopies (Safety Halos®) to protect workers and equipment with a cone of clean air. For More information on this, click here.

  • Conveyors

  • Crushers


  • Air Cleaning Blowers function by drawing in dirty air into their housings, much like conventional fans. Specifically designed impellers and housings utilize the momentum of contaminants to separate them from the air or gas, ejecting them back into the atmosphere.
  • Clean air then proceeds toward the intended application for ventilation or pressurization. ACBs achieve this without the need for filter elements, sheets, cartridges, bags, or any other media, streamlining maintenance requirements.


  • Originally designed for rugged environments like steel mills, mining operations, and fertilizer plants, our Air Cleaning BlowerTM offers protection for mining machinery and other heavy equipment and vehicles across various applications. The efficacy of our ACBs is exemplified by their deployment in challenging environments by the US Military, where they effectively maintain air conditioning functionality amidst sandstorms.

  • Furthermore, ACBs can pressurize spaces to create outward airflow from heavy machinery or vehicles, preventing the ingress of dust and sand. This pressurization helps safeguard electronics, electrical equipment, controls, and operators. Since ACBs don’t collect debris, they don’t create hazardous hot spots in filter media, particularly in environments with dangerous particles. Moreover, all ACBs can be adapted for use with explosive or flammable gases or dust in Division/Zone 1 or Division/Zone 2 areas, ensuring safety in hazardous environments.


  • The independently conducted tests at a globally recognized filter-testing laboratory demonstrate the effectiveness of our standard ACB models, showcasing their capability to remove over 98% of dust and other particles from the air.
  • These results indicate that our ACBs eliminate nearly all particles larger than 10 microns and approximately 40% of particles as small as 3 microns. Such efficiency ensures a significant reduction in airborne contaminants, with models currently in development poised to consistently remove even sub-micron contaminants.