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Bus and Trolley Drivers/Train Engineers

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  • Train engineers and bus drivers, as essential workers, interact with millions of people daily, exposing themselves to infection risks during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.
  • To ensure their ongoing protection from pathogens, installing a Safety Canopy above the driver or engineer provides passive personal protective equipment (PPE). This passive protection benefits both the individual under the canopy and those in close proximity, enhancing overall safety.
  • The Safety Canopy operates by drawing in contaminated air, utilizing its Air-Cleaning Blower™ (ACB) to filter out dust particles, respiratory droplets, and other debris before ejecting them. The cleaned air passes through an optional HEPA filter element for additional germ and particulate removal, if necessary. Finally, the Air-Cleaning Blower™ gently releases the purified air from the bottom of the canopy, creating a protective cone of clean air around the individual.
  • The surrounding cone of HEPA-filtered air, gently pressurized to flow outward as it descends, acts as a protective barrier for the driver and the public. It effectively blocks incoming air exhaled by others toward the driver and captures respiratory particles, carrying them away from the driver’s face.
  • Additionally, it captures exhaled germs and droplets from the driver, diverting them downward and away from passengers’ faces, enhancing overall safety for everyone on board.


  • Every germ removed by the Safety Canopy contributes to reducing the overall concentration of contaminants in the train or bus, functioning akin to a room air purifier.
  • Air Cleaning Blowers, LLC employs industrial and military-grade Air Cleaning Blowers™ (ACBs), which eliminate the need for filter media and effectively remove various particles without clogging. This eliminates the maintenance associated with filter cartridges or sheets. If a post-filter like a HEPA element is included, the ACB extends its lifespan by preventing quick clogging from large debris.
  • By using ACBs instead of pre-filter media, the Safety Canopies avoid clogging issues, ensuring constant and predictable airflow, air pressure, and energy consumption for bus, trolley, and other designs.