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Client Testimonials: See what our Customers are saying!

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Client Testimonials | See what our Customers are saying!

  • Powell Testimonial: Optimal Air Quality for their Control Rooms
    Learn firsthand how Powell incorporates our Air Cleaning Blowers within their control rooms. Discover the perspectives shared by Powell regarding the effective implementation of our units. What Powell’s Lead Electrical Engineer has to say about our Air Cleaning Blowers: “Powell utilizes these blowers in our Power Control Rooms (PCR®) when our customers require us to … Read more
  • Carolina Ingredients: “The results have been exceptional”
    From Frank McKinney, plant manager at Carolina Ingredients, LLC: “I have had the opportunity to experience the impressive results from several Air-Cleaning Blower L.L.C. units. We have employed these units over the past 24 months in a dry food ingredient blending operation. We have tested the units in our Blending Room(s) and Packaging Room(s). “I … Read more

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